Live-TV-ChannelsMundu TV is a popular internet TV channel streaming service which allow you to watch TV channels on your Computer and Mobile device. I hope you all know that, they have limited their trail period to 7 days and over that period, you can only watch few channels. And if you wanted to watch more channels, then you should subscribe for any of their package. Now using a simple trick you can watch all of their channels completely for free. you just need to use any media player software like Real Player SP or VLC Media Player in your computer And for mobile devices you can use pv player or core player.
I this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to stream all TV channels available in Mundu TV for free.

For this trick, you can use Real Time PlayerVLC Media Player or any similar streaming capable software. In this tutorial I’m using VLC Media player, you can download VLC  media player for free here.

So here are the steps:

Go to >> Media >> Streaming >> Click on Network tab and enter the streaming link and press ALT+P or click on the small arrow in the Stream button and select play.
For mobile, you can directly open the streaming links and if your phone is supporting streaming, then it would automatically use the built-in player for streaming.

Steps in screenshots:

Click on Media from the menu, and select Streaming.
mundu tv streaming rtsp link step 1 STEP 2:
Click on Network and then enter a network URL in the field, then click on the small arrow drop down on the STREAM button and select Play.
mundu tv streaming rtsp link step 3

Looking for more steps? The next step is to watch and enjoy icon smile Drop your comments.
mundu tv streaming rtsp link step 4
Streaming links:

23t4g2h rtsp://

2z5j8tj rtsp://
jgmweo rtsp://
30ustah rtsp://
208xj6t rtsp://
es803p rtsp://
o9r6mg rtsp://
jab4mo rtsp://
2lkbt52 rtsp://
28i2elh rtsp://
npgaw6 rtsp://
2n0n1xl rtsp://
6sc4cw rtsp://
23jofbl rtsp://
27xkvb4 rtsp://
zmgm0j rtsp://
fvijyg rtsp://
2isftwh rtsp://
1zezgjr rtsp://
wk6ask rtsp://
ay4pk3 rtsp://
Other channels apart from Mundu TV channels:

ETV 2 –          rtsp://
NTV –            rtsp://
SVBC -             rtsp://
English songs live –      rtsp://
B4U Music –                 rtsp://
Clubbing TV –               rtsp://
Bella Club[18+] –          rtsp://
PDF –                             rtsp://
iMusic1 –                       rtsp://
HiTV [africa]-               rtsp://