Nokia Future Phone

Friday, 17 February 2012

Nokia Kinetic  : Future Phone 

Nokia is a leading company as the manufacturer of Smartphones as well as mobile phones with superior quality and warranty. Trust is the major factor of the success for Nokia. Their products are such designed that they are prone to less internal as well as external damages. We know, Nokia has already started preparing future generation smartphones and other gadgets. Nokia Kinetic is one of the latest gadget in their waiting list.


      One of the astonishing feature of the Nokia Kinetic is its bendable nature. The device is very flexible too. This flexibility can be used to maintain and control the various programs. Other most wonderful feature of this device is its water resistence nature means that this device has the capability to work on the water surfaces. Another advantage of this device is its sturdiness that is not present in the other ones. And one of the most technically advanced  feature of this device is that you can zoom a particular picture by bending the phone. Similarly a user can bend it towards th upper left corner to select the menu option. Nokia KineticDevice is expected to make use of advanced technology that  includes a bundle of carbon nano tubes that is embedded in a flexible elastometer medium. The nano tubes are enhanced by the presence of electrical resistance that takes note of the bending functionality. It is expected that when the user bends the device in a specific way it will result in taking of the photograph. 


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