Share your Pc Internet Connection with other device

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Share Your Pc Internet Connection with Other Devices by Using Connectify Software

You might be using a Hi Speed dongle for 3G  internet access or a Broadband Connection using LAN Cable, if you do not have a  Router installed in your home than you cannot access a Internet Connection on  your other handheld devices, but with Connectify this can be connected easily with just one click.Well it worked good but now I tried and came across some limitations so I found another good one and its working simply
fine for me.

Follow The Instructions Below:-

1. Download Connectify Software for your PC.

2. Now after you have downloaded it, just install it in a normal way and after successful installation you will be promoted to Reboot your computer do that its important.

3. Now after Reboot it will automatically start and show window like in the image above, just change the name if you want too and add a 8 digits password.

4. Now choose the internet connection you wanna share I am sharing my MTS 3G Dongle internet connection with my iPhone.

5. So after you have chosen the connection, just pick up how you wanna share your connection the best one is Wi-Fi but if you don’t have than you can choose Bluetooth
or any other mentioned.

6. Now just click on Start Hotspot and you Hotspot is ready to be searched and to be connected, just open your mobile Wi-Fi settings menu and search for avail
able connection and you will see the above name you have mentioned dis playing just hit that and enter the 8 digits password you kept.

7. Now you are connected with your Internet Connection, so now you can browse or do anything you wanted to do, well you can see how many people are connected in the
second window in the above image, that’s just for keeping track on people using your Wi-Fi connection.


1) Create a wi-fi hotspot from your pc/laptop in an instant.
2) Created hotspots require WPA passphrases for better security.
3) Connect and sync your wi-fi enabled devices without using cords, blue tooth, or wireless router.
4) Works with Windows 7 (only).

Download Connectify Software.

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