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Friday, 17 February 2012

Hack WI-Fi or lan internet to use full bandwidth in college or Schools

Hacking The Internet Connection of the shared computers in Colleges/ Cyber Cafe / schools etc. and gain the complete Access of internet with full speed. Every one wants a fast internet connection so that he can surf or download any thing from the internet but no one knows how to do this here is the solution you can do it with the help of netcut. You just have to simply install this software and you are done.Netcut stands for Network Cut. NetCut is software where we can control the connection to each

computer/laptop in a WIFI network/LAN. However, this software can be used to retrieve internet bandwidth from other computers in a LAN/WIFI. Shared.The only computer which is allowed by you can get a network connection other-wise no one will be able to surf the internet. You can download this software from the internet free of cost.

Step 1:- you will need the NetCut 2.0 software so download it
Step2:- Unzip the downloaded Software and install it On Your System.
Step3:- Open the Software and you will get the following screen.

Step 4:- Select all or any One of the IP Addresses Seen on the Screen EXCEPT the first Two IP because they are Your PC's IP Address.
Step 5:- After Selecting the IP address Press the Cut off Button and the internet connection will be cut off within few Seconds.

Step 6:- To Resume or Start the Internet again Press the Resume Button and the internet will again start working in the shared computers.

Note: This tirck is for education purpose only.Don't miss use it.


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