Hacking - Hide file behind an image

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

To hide a file behind a image file which means that if any one opens that image he will see the image only but if you open in a special way then you can open the hidden file behind the image.
 So to hide the file behind a image open CMD.exe

1) Select an image to be used for hiding file behind the image.
2) Now select a file to hide behind the image and make it in .RAR format. With the help of the WinRAR.
3) And most important is that paste both the files on desktop and run the following command on the command prompt.
4) And then type the following command.
“cd desktop “
“Copy /b imagename.jpg + filename.rar finalnameofimage.jpg”

Page 35And then hit enter the file will be created with the file final file name of the image.


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