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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

I was wondering i got this free broadband connection.. and wanna utilize to see TV online..
I got a list of these sites offerinf free online TV..
well this is just a list of online tv sites.........
actullt i just dont like them , there is nothing like live tv coz the tv shoes wud be different in ur TV and on the net coz who knows the channels they show are from which country's broadcast..coz their is always the time difference...
see here for the list on indian channels.........
Well in actuality i have tried most of these sites.. they call it free but each one of them if full of pop-ups and ads.. and may even have spyware on them...
I prefer this AnyTv software.. It is free and has a long list of channels..
U can get it here...
AnyTv free

AnyTv Pro
Some links work only for the paid version but it sure does have a lot of free links tooo.
Try that
Also check these if u got enough time to waste........
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How to Increase Internet Speed to Maximum available speed??

Step1 : Right Click on my Computer
Step2 : Selects the Properties Tag
Step3 : Now a New Window opens, Select The Hardware and Then Select Device Manager.
Step4 : Now a  New Window will open . Click on the + sign in front of Ports and select the Communication Ports and Double Click on It.
Step5:  A new window Will Open . Now Select the Port Settings and Chnage the Settings as shown in figure and Click on Ok.

Thats all the Procedure. Now restart your computer and Experience . You will experience that your Internet speed is better than previous.
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Unlock Idea Netsetter E1550 and e1732 perfect unlocking.

Sunday, 10 June 2012


First to Install the Idea Netsetter


Remove the Idea Sim Card And Insert any other Card

---One Error Meassage in window box---

Only the Specified SIM/USIM Used On the Device

Click Ok Buttun

now download this unlocker.


this calculator have some specious activity so u have to disable ur antivirus tillu r using this calculator.

go in setting connect modem by its port.

now in huawei unlocker tab click on read device.

after displaying imei check on auto-unlock after calculate.

and ur device is unlocked it will accept all sim but it will not connect any sim accept idea.

now u have to update its dash board to unlock dashboard.

so download it from here.


run this file go acc to instructions and ur modem is unlocked with all sims.

now uninstall the idea netsetter software and install that dashboard which is in modem right now.

enjoy unlocking.

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idea cellular’s 3g all huawei usb modem unlocking tutorial (100% working)

Saturday, 9 June 2012

idea cellular’s 3g all huawei usb modem  unlocking tutorial (100% working)

 idea cellular’s 3g huawei usb modem (E 1550) unlocking tutorial (100% working)Huawei internet modem is a most demanded gadget of the year. in this year many cellphone companies like idea cellular,reliance communication, vodafone acer, bsnl mobile has introduced their 3g huawei modems but they all of them excluding idea cellular gives modem with inbuilt sim so we can not use other sim in it. but we are able to use different sim in idea netsetter after unlocking it.
i had aslo bought idea netsetter 3g modem named  huwai E-1550 High speed WCDMA/EDGE/GPRS and had also successfully unlocked it and using bsnl sim in it take a look in following screen shot.
Have a Look:-
unlocked idea netsetter1 idea cellular’s 3g huawei usb modem (E 1550) unlocking tutorial (100% working)


  1. Insert You idea netsetter with default sim (which u got with netsetter)
  2. Install Huawei frimware which hwawei modem is use to idea india 
  3. Huawei EC226 Firmware

    Huawei EC321 Firmware

    Huawei EC360 Firmware Huawei EC360 Firmware

    Huawei E160 Firmware

    Huawei E169 Firmware

    Huawei E170 Firmware

    Huawei E173 Firmware
    Huawei E180 Firmware E180 Firmware Download and Free Firmware

    Huawei E1820 Firmware

    Huawei E182E Firmware

    Huawei E219 Firmware

    Huawei E220 Firmware

    Huawei E226 Firmware

    Huawei E230 Firmware

    Huawei E230 Firmware

    Huawei E270 Firmware

    Huawei E630 Firmware

    Huawei E800 Firmware

    Huawei E870 Firmware

    Huawei EC325 Firmware EC325 Firmware Download and Free Firmware Upgrade. Huawei EC325 USB

    Huawei EG162G Firmware

    Huawei EG602 Firmware

    Huawei E 1550 download it here
  4. Then Install Video MMS Dashboard (you Can Download it from here ).
  5.  Then if You are asked huawei unlock/flash code please use Huawei Unlocker (You Can Download it From Here).
  6. than install
  7. Then Put You IMEI number in IMEI box and Find Flash code
  8. Then put it on nck box and You are done  now you can use any sim in your huawei modem....
  9. in the first step he says flash code then open huawei unlcoker & enter iemi no. than click unlock. he generated flash code & nck code.. copy flash code & put in firmware upadte. 

  unlock eg162g with out flash ur modem .....
1- Download huawei modem unlock-er you can download it here
2- insert sim which to use in idea net setter 
3- than open huawei unlocker & open idea net setter 
4- insert imei no. in huawei unocker & get nck code 
5. nck code is insert in to the idea net setter in the box .
6- you are unlocked your net setter 
than follow the instruction 
7- open Tool- option- profile managment- click new - click statick 
than enter in apn settings
Tata docomo - tata.docomo.internet & access no. *99#
Airtel - & Access Number: *99#
Aircel APN Settings: aircelgprs | Access Number: *99***1#
 Idea APN Settings: internet | Access Number: *99#
Reliance APN Settings: rcomwap | Access Number: *99#
BSNL 3G APN Settings: bsnlnet | Access Number: *99#
BSNL 3G APN Settings: bsnlnet | Access Number: *99#
Vodafone APN Settings: www |  Access Number: *99# 
MTNL 3G Postpaid APN Settings: mtnl3g
Prepaid APN Settings: pps3g
Uninor APN Settings
Uninor APN Settings: uninor
Uninor Access Number:


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