Friday, 6 April 2012

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Many times the free software or books you download online are rar archives which are password protected.first they fool you and allow you to download the files saying that they are absolutely free but when you try to decompress them they ask you for a password and tell you to visit some site to get the password.this really sucks. you cant do anything but to visit the site or just delete the file in frustration but there is one more option, you can try to crack the password first of all let me tell you there are no such software as rar password remover there are software which can
brute force the password but cant remove it instantly.here is one such password cracker


Don’t go on the name, it is not a password remover but a cracker it uses dictionary attack and bruteforce attack to crack RAR passwords.


DOWNLOAD (torrent link)
WARNING:- the rar passwords are protected very well, the the cracker may take long time to crack password. it tries approx 35 passwords per second and so don’t even think of cracking a 6 or 7 letter password, that will take months, a 3 or 4 letter password is more practical.

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